Pam Chaney

Pam Chaney

Owner, Trainer, Advanced Injector and Laser Specialist

Pam began her successful career in medicine 27 years ago, as an ICU and Trauma Flight Nurse. She later began working aside prominent plastic surgeons, focusing on facial and neck cosmetic plastic surgery, oculoplastics, body transformations, and laser skin modalities. Her fascination with lasers began almost immediately after assisting with a face lift procedure in the operating room. Pam’s passion for noninvasive procedures then became the driving force that led to her entry into the Medical Spa Arena.

With over 16 years of experience in non invasive cosmetic procedures, 8 years as the Director of The Centre PC Medical Spa, and now the CEO of Pam Chaney Aesthetics LLC, Pam has been instrumental in changing the mindset of her clients. She feels that the non invasive services in the medical Spa, are the key preventatives to anti aging. Her passion for the industry shows by striving to stay abreast of the latest in techniques, and modalities. Her artistic skill set, with injectables, have also coined her the name, “The DaVinci with a syringe.” Pam’s clients are awed by her infectious personality, compassion for everyone, and her promise to provide the very best to all.

She is a trainer for Nestle Skin Health/Galderma, the Indiana Regional Director and State Representative for the American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals, Sassy Magazines 2013 Michiana Woman to Watch, a member of AORN, she has been featured in USA Today, and is an advocate for the safety and clean air act in operating rooms and the Medical Spa arena. She encourages others, women and men, to be the voices of prevention and promotion of services that protect, heal and rejuvenate the skin.

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