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LúmEnvy™ in Elkhart, IN

LúmEnvy™ is a brightening booster designed to improve the appearance of skin pigmentation and texture, giving you a more luminous complexion. This treatment is enriched with essential vitamins and amino acids that restore brightness and promote overall skin health. LúmEnvy™ works by revitalizing the skin and enhancing the results of various aesthetic treatments. It is particularly beneficial for recovery after more intensive procedures. The key ingredients in LúmEnvy™ include PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Glutathione, and Vitamin C, all of which work together to provide effective and luminous results with fewer components.

LúmEnvy™ is ideal for people who want to improve their skin’s radiance and address pigmentation issues. Anyone who wants a brighter, more even complexion. The results of treatment are typically visible within a few weeks after treatment, lasting several months with proper skin care. It is quick and has minimal downtime, making it convenient for those with busy schedules. To experience the benefits of LúmEnvy™ and achieve radiant skin, book an appointment with Pam Chaney Aesthetics today.

Price: $850

Benefits of LúmEnvy™:

  • Improves skin pigmentation
  • Enhances skin texture
  • Promotes skin brightness
  • Restores overall skin health
  • Suitable for post-treatment recovery
  • Contains powerful, effective ingredients
  • Quick procedure with minimal downtime
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Results visible within a few weeks
  • Long-lasting results with proper care
BOTULINUM TOXINS In Elkhart by Pam Chaney Aesthetics


According to the FDA, it is safe and effective to use Botox® for frown lines and crow’s feet, while Dysport® and Xeomin® are used only for frown lines. Other uses are considered “off label.” You may get Botox Dysport and Xeomin in Elkhart IN at Pam Chaney Aesthetics.

Forehead Lines

15 minutes
$12-$14/unit (10-20 units)

Say goodbye to horizontal forehead lines! Dysport or Botox can keep your face looking youthful and vibrant by preventing or treating wrinkles and lines on your forehead. A balanced and natural effect is often achieved by treating the scowl lines with the forehead.

Scowl Lines

$12-$14/unit (20-25 units)

Scowl lines are those pecky wrinkles between the eyebrows, sometimes called ’11’s, and usually visible when you furrow your eyebrows. Scowl lines can be treated with Botox or Dysport to create a more youthful appearance.

Bunny Lines

$12-$14/unit (6-12 units)

Bunny lines are the wrinkles you get when you scrunch your nose. A quick injection treatment with Botox or Dysport will remove those little lines and wrinkles, leaving you with smooth and beautiful skin.

Brow Lift

$12-$14/unit (4-10 units)

Using Botox/Dysport can provide a quick solution to tired eyes! Botox/Dysport can help relax the muscles around the eyebrows, leading to a brow lift. A little neurotoxin can help diminish wrinkles in this area, along with the appearance of tired eyes.

Platysma (Vertical Neck Cords)

$12-$14/unit (12-30 units)

Platysma muscles run vertically down your neck, visible when clenching the jaw. The lines, known as “Turkey Neck,” can be diminished with Botox or Dysport. Even though results may be visible right away, it may take a few weeks for the injections to take full effect.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

$12-$14/unit (50-100 units)

Is excessive sweating a problem for you? You may benefit from Botox! Approved by the FDA, Botox helps reduce excessive sweating under the arms, palms, and the soles of the feet. Botox blocks the nerve impulses that cause the sweat glands to activate. When the nerves are blocked, the sweat glands can’t produce sweat.

Dimpled Chin

$12-$14/unit (6-8 units)

Dysport/Botox can be used to treat the dimpled or “Orange Peel” look on the chin. Just a small amount of neurotoxin is injected into the muscle on each side of the chin. Smoothing the chin’s skin can result in a youthful and relaxed appearance.

Masseter (TMJ) / Face slimming

$12-$14/unit (30-100 units)

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching are common habits. When used in higher doses, Botox / Dysport relaxes the masseter muscle, improving TMJ symptoms and slimming the face. The procedure is considered safe because it prevents only clenching and not chewing.

Headache/ Migraine Relief

$12-$14/unit (30-50 units)

Injecting Botox / Dysport into the face, scalp, and neck areas helps relieve muscle tension, resulting in fewer headaches. Botox / Dysport is a neuromodulator that helps relax the muscles. It can be used to prevent headaches, as well as to treat chronic tension headaches.

Crow’s Feet

$12-$14/unit (12-20 units)

Crow’s feet are the little lines etched on the outer corners of your eyes. These lines are often the first signs of aging and can make you look older than you are. You can keep your eyes looking young with a few units of Botox or Dysport.

Lip Lines / Lip Flip

$12-$14/unit (4-8 units)

Botox/Dysport can help reduce the fine lines around your smile. It is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes to perform. The results can last up to six months. We also offer Lip Flips. Botox/Dysport is injected into the lip line to give lips a plumper, fuller appearance.


$12-$14/unit (6-8 units)

Do you have any other ideas you would like to talk about? We’d love to hear them! There are so many different uses for Botox and Dysport. Please make an appointment with one of our experienced injectors so we create a customized treatment plan for you today!

LúmEnvy™ FAQs

LúmEnvy™ is ideal for improving skin pigmentation and texture while achieving a brighter complexion. It suits all skin types and those recovering from more intensive aesthetic treatments.

Results from LúmEnvy™ can typically be seen within a few weeks after treatment. The ingredients enhance brightness and texture, making the skin appear more luminous and even-toned.

The results of LúmEnvy™ can last several months with proper skin care and maintenance. Regular treatments may be recommended to maintain optimal skin brightness and health.

LúmEnvy™ has minimal downtime, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules. Some people may experience mild redness or irritation after the treatment, but these side effects usually disappear quickly.

Before LúmEnvy™ treatment, avoiding harsh skin treatments or excessive sun exposure is important. After the treatment, follow your provider’s instructions for post-care, which may include using gentle skincare products and avoiding direct sun exposure to ensure the best results.

During the LúmEnvy™ treatment, your provider will apply the brightening booster to your skin, focusing on areas of pigmentation and uneven texture. The quick treatment involves minimal discomfort, allowing you to resume your regular activities immediately afterward.

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