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Botulinum Toxins

Popular, non-surgical injectables that relax muscles to reduce wrinkles and expression lines between the eyebrows, forehead, and also minimize crows feet. Skin will be smoother and rejuvenated for a younger, natural appearance, lasting 3 to 4 months.

We offer: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Jeuveau

Starting at $11/unit

Dermal Fillers

Gel-like product with a smooth consistency, made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin. They add volume and hydration, while targeting specific areas to smooth wrinkles, reduce folds, plump deep lines, improve fine “smile lines”, and restore fullness to lips and cheeks. Dermal Fillers can also be utilized for a non-surgical “nose job”.

We offer: RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid), Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Vollure, Juvederm Volbella, Juvederm Voluma, Restylane Defyne, Restylane Lyft, Restylane Refyne, Restylane Silk, Restylane Silk, Restylane Kysse, Revanesse Versa

Starting at $650/syringe

Collagen Stimulators

Contains an active ingredient that stimulates the body’s collagen production to restore facial volume and improve the skin’s structure. These products last up to 2 years.

We offer: Radiesse and Sculptra

Starting at $850/syringe

Hand Rejuvenation

Dermal Fillers are injected into the hands to plump and soften aging hands for a more youthful appearance.

Starting at $650/syringe

Lip Fillers

Dermal Fillers are injected into the lips to create fuller, defined lips.

Starting at $650/syringe

Lip Flip

Botox is injected around the vermillion border to flip the upper lip out to create the look of fuller lips.

Starting at $11/unit


A non-surgical option for the moderate to severe fullness under your chin. Kybella permanently emulsifies the fat cells in the treated area. This treatment can target several different areas of the body, including chin, abdomen, “love handles”, “bra fat” and more.

Starting at $600/vial

Vitamin B12 Booster

A quick injection with multiple benefits. B12 injections are a good option if you have a vitamin deficiency. Additionally, these injections may help reduce your risk of serious disease and are believed to increase energy levels, help weight loss, sleep better, improve concentration and mood, and boost your immune system.

Starting at $40

Sculptra Butt Lift

A nonsurgical butt-lift using Sculptra, a collagen stimulator, to strategically add definition and volume to the buttocks, resulting in a rounder, fuller butt. This treatment requires no down-time or anesthesia.

Starting at $8,500

Sculptra Cellulite Reduction

This procedure uses Sculptra, a collagen stimulator, to reduce the appearance of cellulite by filling in the dimples. This smooths the skin texture while the Sculptra also works to improve collagen production which firms and lifts the skin.

Starting at $4,900

Liquid Face Lift

The liquid face lift is a non-invasive treatment that combines dermal fillers, collagen stimulators and botulinum toxins to reduce wrinkles, restore facial volume and rejuvenate the face. Injectables are administered at different depths to both improve the underlying structure of the face as well as fill out more superficial pockets of fat loss that cause hollowness. The result will be a youthful contour, tighter skin and smoothed wrinkles.

Starting at $4,800

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