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How would you like to have a gorgeous tan and glow without the damage from the sun? Airbrush and Sunless tanning is the safest option for this and a new fad now that people are aware of the damaging sun factors.

There are three options for self-tanning:

  1. At-home self-tanning: It can be messy, leave streaks, and may not match your skin tone well.
  2. Tanning salon spray machines: They can be uncomfortable, messy, and result in tan lines. Choosing the right color combination can be confusing.
  3. Airbrush tanning: Highly skilled specialists apply a customized tan evenly, resulting in a streak-free and even application. The tan fades naturally within two weeks. However, it requires assistance from someone else.

Tips for the best tanning experience:

  • Exfoliate before your session and avoid lotions or oils afterward.
  • Shave before or on the day of your session for better absorption.
  • Wear loose clothing for 8 hours afterward to prevent uneven drying.
  • Shower after 8 hours, rinsing with soap but avoiding exfoliation.

By following these tips, you can achieve a perfect tan without sun exposure.

Another option is going to the tanning salon and utilizing their stand-up spray tanning machine. If you’re like me, it’s scary and cold and drippy and wet, and I am left with running tan lines from the excess spray. I never know which color combination to choose from, and usually, the girl at the front desk does not know which one to recommend for my skin tone. Not to mention the anxiety of when that spray is going to hit you! :0

Then we have airbrush tanning. In airbrush tanning, each client has their airbrush tan applied by highly skilled and trained airbrush tanning specialists who carefully spray their entire body evenly and beautifully. Airbrush tanning is better all the way around because it won’t leave your skin streaky or uneven. The tan is better applied specifically for your body, allowing it to fade evenly within two weeks. Downside? It is applied by someone else… therefore you can choose to go all “natural” or wear a bikini-type cover if you are on the more modest side. :)


Exfoliate your entire body the night before or morning of your tanning session. Afterward, NO LOTIONS OR OILS. We need super dry skin so it can absorb the solution the best. I know… not fun and feels weird, but totally worth it!

Shaving is preferred- the day before your tan or of your tanning session. Allows smooth skin to absorb the solution better.

Wear loose clothing after your tanning session that will not adhere to you for 8 hours. You do not want to sweat or sit down for long periods of time. This can make your tan dry unevenly.

Shower 8 hours afterward; just rinse and soap, no exfoliating, no sponges, etc… And! VOILA! You are a tan god/goddess!


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